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     Once the County has approved the proofs for printing, IVS will print the test ballots (marked and unmarked).  When the test ballots have been produced, IVS will ship the ballots to the County for testing on the AccuVote with county tabulation System.  Printing of the absentee and precinct ballots will commence once the County has completed their testing process, or when the County has authorized absentee and precinct ballot printing.  Printing of the test ballot decks prior to other printing ensures the County has verified the logic and accuracy of the ballots without incurring any additional errors, public relations difficulties or other monetary costs related to the absentee and precinct ballots.
Generally, the process flow for ballot printers involves printing all absentee ballots for customers prior to initiating the printing of precinct ballots. Once absentee ballots have been printed, precinct ballot production begins. All ballots are printed on equipment that automatically duplex the correct front and back ballot cards. IVS has a stringent process in place to ensure the correct front and back ballot cards are printed. IVS is able to accomplish ballot printing and absentee mail inserting on the following equipment: