IVS has all the equipment and personnel resources necessary to accomplish all folding, automated insertion of reply envelopes, ballots and election material at our Fresno CA, Aurora CO, and Jacksonville FL facilities. IVS mailed over 2.5 million ballots in 2010. Additionally, IVS is an expert at mailing, both election and commercial mail. IVS weighs and checks mail into the USPS mail stream in our Fresno facility, and then securely transports the absentee and precinct ballots to the appropriate locations.
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Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act

IVS will inkjet UOCAVA and absentee envelopes in the format prescribed by the County, with voter names, mailing addresses, election information, IMB bar codes, and other county specified information on return envelopes, using data files provided by the County and/or printed by IVS. IVS is very accustomed to using voter registration data sorting, and is familiar with voter registration terminology and usage.
IVS has multiple inkjet machines capable of large quantities of mail - each day, every day. When the County voter data has been run through USPS filters to ensure that data elements meet USPS standards, envelopes are ink-jetted with voter information and prepared for envelope stuffing. The County is informed of all voter records that do not meet USPS standards.