Integrated Voting Solutions (IVS) is a national election industry leader in secure and accurate ballot printing production, absentee and Vote-by-Mail (VBM) production and mailing, sample ballot printing and mailing, and voter information cards and pamphlets. With over 75 years of in-house elections management and expertise, IVS has printed over 35 million election ballots and mailed over 11 million election ballots over the last 10 years, services a diverse number of small to large size election jurisdictions, and provides a one-stop solutions center to its customers. Customers rely on Integrated Voting Solutions to meet the tight timelines and high demands to meet their election. Most importantly, customers rely on IVS because of the integrity, trust, commitment and expertise of the company, its personnel and resources. IVS provides:

The staff of Integrated Voting Solutions have been the catalysts for some of the most sweeping changes in ballot printing and mail/absentee technologies.

Some of the innovations include:

Digital and Offset Ballot Printing
IVS is a proven and technologically innovative leader in providing cutting-edge ballot printing solutions for its customers. With investments in up-to-date equipment and other technology, IVS stands ready to meet the increasing demands for all sizes of jurisdictions. Jurisdictions do not need to ask the question of "can the company meet our deadlines, and will IVS provide a quality product?" Jurisdictions know IVS has made a commitment in cutting edge technology that provides speed, security, accuracy and quality in its ballot printing. IVS prints the following type of ballots:

  • Dominion/Premier AccuVote
  • Dominion/Sequoia Optech
  • ES&S/Premier AccuVote
  • ES&S
  • Hart

  Ballot Security Procedures  

Delivery of ballots and other election materials are secured in a designated area in our Fresno, California facility until materials are needed for production. A production report is created when voter data extract is processed, which is used throughout the process for operations to verify and sign-off at every step in the production. All election materials are further secured in our locked cage within the Fresno facility. Ballots are placed in boxes, clearly separating precincts/splits, sealed with security tape, and delivered to County via secure “point-to-point” courier.
Security Guard

Data Security

Print Document Security

Facility Security System

"Chain of Custody"

  Secure Facility Location

 IVS maintains and offers a secure location from which all facets of the ballot printing, finishing and mail process occur in one secure location. During election cycles, USPS utilizes this same facility to weigh and verify IVS outgoing mail. This ensures the mail enters the USPS stream directly at IVS.

  IVS is well-versed in maintaining strong security protocols at its facility.  IVS has a secure, monitored building and all visitors are required to sign-in at the front access area, and receive a visitors’ badge.  IVS maintains an open door policy for customer counties during the ballot printing and mailing of election materials.  Many counties send a representative to our facility in Fresno, in order to observe the work being performed.
Secure Location
  Should IVS be selected by the County, IVS will inform any subcontractors that access privileges are extended to the subcontractor as well.  Space suitable for conducting document review will be made available for on-site quality assurance proofreaders as required by the County.  Travel and lodging expenses for the County or other County employees will be the responsibility of the County.


  IVS has a maintenance plan with several vendors that provide for scheduled maintenance of equipment used for election printing and mailing. IVS has constant contact with vendors so as to minimize any equipment outages during the election cycle. As part of this proposal, IVS has submitted written Standard Operating Procedures as Attachment 7 to this proposal. These procedures cover the main election production phases of ballot manufacture, finish, inkjet, and insertion.   Maintenance
  IVS Daily Production Rate   

• IVS can produce 100,000+ ballots per day (using our four Xerox XC-1000  printing machines

• IVS can insert 144,000+ insertion pieces per day (using our two primary insertion units). We can increase that capacity by using all insertion equipment, and sharing insertion with our facility in Fresno.
  • IVS can inkjet approximately 200,000+ mail pieces per day.*
* IVS can operate 3 shifts as needed, depending on capacity requirements
Xerox XC1000 Printer
  Schedule and Delivery      

IVS will prepare a calendar/schedule prior to each election cycle with agreed upon milestone dates. We will work with the County to develop and agree on schedule, and work with the County should any deviation from schedule occurs. IVS will generally be able to create electronic proofs from FTP files within 24 hours. Assuming the customer works from electronic proofs, we should be able to accomplish the full turn-around within 24-48 hours; however this is dependent on the time period necessary to approve the electronic ballot proof.
The process of printing electronic proofs is usually done within 24 hours. Hardcopy proofs add a day for shipping. The County time for review and proofing must be taken into account. Upon approval by County, IVS will usually start the printing during the next day. IVS will provide the following for the County in the initial ballot preparation process.